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Sweet biscuit sugar plum. Halvah chocolate bar jujubes. Dragée donut candy.

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Sweet biscuit sugar plum. Halvah chocolate bar jujubes. Dragée donut candy.

Meet Chelsea

My goal since moving to Southern Maryland thirteen years ago was to take it by storm. I was so determined to bring my relaxed, city-girl vibe to the country, and with it the trends, styles and attitudes. At the time I moved down here from Annapolis, I was still finishing up my college degree – no kids, newly married and plenty of motivation to do something that made a difference in people’s lives.

Fast forward to now. While I may not have taken the world by storm in the way I had hoped, I’ve made some pretty amazing friendships, met the most incredible, genuine people and have had opportunities to do some really incredible things. Some of the amazing friends I’ve met include some super creative minds and floral geniuses! Whenever we meet up socially, we’re always brainstorming what projects we can do next. By the end of our meetings?? We leave feeling like we can take over the world!

My two friends, Michaela from Days of May Florals and Priscilla from Anchored Roots Farm have dreamed up an idea to install a “Flower Flash” (look up the hashtag on the ‘Gram – #flowerflash) in the midst of Leonardtown Square where I’ll be hosting “Micro” Sessions! A trend seen in major cities all over the United States!

What is a Micro Session, you ask?!

It’s just like a Mini Session…. but smaller! Unlike typical Mini Sessions, where I’d walk you around, getting you to interact and creating some more candid moments, these Micro Sessions will be much more fixed, so as to stay with the Flower Flash installation as the centerpiece!

Here’s the deal: August 1. 10 minutes. 100 Bucks. That’s it.

This is perfect for you creatives who need a new headshot (I am also looking at you, high-schoolers who need some fancy, trending photos for your social media feeds!), a quick and fun family portrait, a special capture on your date night before you head to dinner, couples, or even toddlers who have that “extra” personality! You’ll schedule your time with me in advance to encourage social distancing and safety in that regard, take your photos, and you’ll receive the edited, digital images afterwards!

The flower design will be provided by Days of May Florals and locally-grown, fresh flowers will be provided by Anchored Roots Farm, who will be assisting with the installation. The best part? This beautiful installation is going to bring joy to all who pass by. During this crazy time of uncertainty, it’s our hope that this will brighten your day and spread happiness to the town of Leonardtown!

Don’t wait to book your time – spots are LIMITED and can only be booked in advance! Use the Contact Me form or e-mail me directly (melissaBphoto@gmail.com) to claim your spot!

Want to see some of our inspiration?? (All photos taken from Pinterest/Instagram and we take NO credit for these photographs).

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